The Liberal Status Quo

Below is a letter written and submitted by myself recently, to five different newspapers across the fruited plain. All were divisions of Gannett News which had, until then, published all of my previous letters as well as a column.  None published this piece which is, in and of itself, very telling.

It is wise to know the extent of liberal entrenchment here in America. This squashed FCC story is the quintessence of what concerned McCarthy; disloyalty, subversion, and treason. No, I don’t agree with McCarthy’s methods or the public haranguing by the Hoover administration, but these ends, here and now, could have justified at least some those protective means.

Truth has become taboo to liberals, and so the liberal media and Hollywood have united to protect this Utopian sphere of their own making, less we learn of the harsh realities of life.

You can read it and weep, or rejoice in what we’ve learned from this loss…this injustice to truth.

Bon’ appetite!

The FCC, under the direction of the Obama administration, has proposed stationing FCC admins within news outlets to moderate content, releasing only what they consider suitable to a particular demographic in certain areas. While this has the makings of a whole new dimension of gerrymander amidst the already yellowed journalism we now experience, one can now at least discern those conspirators, and their complicity within this corrupt cabal of reporters and lawyers.

Those self-appointed stalwarts of truth and justice, the AP and the ACLU have decisively turned a blind eye, and deaf ear to Obama’s FCC policy. Now, it does stand to reason, if reason is allowed, that both the ACLU, and AP elected to selectively squash the FCC story to curry favor the white house, pretending it never existed, and, or fall back on the old, presumed “Fox News Lies” axiom, in which case, then, MediaMatters would have condemningly posted an objection… only it didn’t; testament, to an already established, albeit clandestine, state controlled media, whose silence has become deafening.

Perhaps one could better understand the ramifications of this proposed FCC policy if only our schools would teach of FDR’s War Censorship Act, the harsh realities, implications and likes of which we’ll expect to be minimized by the mainstream media as rioters in Venezuela now rage against the state controlled, media machine.

To  think that you’ll never smell the sum remains of these scary, civil liberties infringements from your house, is ignorant- that only your opinion is sacred- arrogant!


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